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Advance the future of the PRI Palma Beach

1 of september 2012

The manager of the Consortium, Álvaro Gijón, advanced recovery and rustic 75 acres classified as urbanized areas and improving landscapes.

The hotel will have facilities for three-star hotels may happen to become four and five star hotels.

Avanç del futur PRI de la Platja de Palma

Palma, 30 July 2012. - The Deputy Mayor and Manager of Tourism Consortium of Playa de Palma, Álvaro Gijón, today announced the advance planning Plan for Comprehensive Reform Playa de Palma (PRI) established as priorities that execute any expropriation, conversion of 75 hectares in the previous planning were classified as developable properties in the improvement of landscaped areas provide hotel change hotels three star hotels of four and five stars.The new document outlines six urbanized areas in Palma and in the town of Llucmajor will generate about 25 acres of public use.

Álvaro Gijón explained at a press conference accompanied by Counsel consortium Francisco Cutz, the technical, Tomeu Abbot, and the coordinator of the company that is writing the document urban Stephen Corominas this document "is an increase of planning, a general document that is intended to do in Playa de Palma and what will be the future Comprehensive Reform Plan area. The document and its further development will set the rules of what can and can not do in regard to development in Playa de Palma in the coming years as it is a document that will reglarà and legal security. "Wanted Gijon that affect this document, interested parties "may be submitted until September 30, the same suggestions."

The manager of the Consortium of Palm Beach listed the main features presented this advance planning noting that the new document maintains the philosophy of prioritizing the recovery of the landscape noting that "the difference is that the previous planning not currently have funds and must adapt to the reality that not covered by any of expropriation and all that will be run by public-private partnerships. "

Álvaro Gijón added that the document provides for the recovery of 75 acres "that were contained in the previous document as developable unscheduled and now become rustic with the idea of ​​preserving an important part of the landscape that is very connection with the Plan of St. George. should also add that many of the nearly 70,000 square meters in the previous document were classified as developable near Ses Fontanelles become rustic. "

The Deputy Mayor and Manager of Tourism Consortium placed special emphasis on the new document noted that "contemplates the existence of three urbanized areas in Palma and Llucmajor three more" and stressed that no residential growth and consolidation of yes Palm Beach as a tourist destination. Urbanized areas are located in Can Pastilla ses Fontanelles who reappears as a commercial area although, according to Álvaro Gijón "the entire area surrounding the commercial area should be protected, built and delivered to the city recovery of the wetland "area quarries and the PRI divides into two. The municipality of Llucmajor urbanized areas down to the roundabout entrance to the township land in an area of the park Aqualand and Son Veneno. Gijón added that the actions in these areas involve the transfer of about 25 acres where public can not build.

Álvaro Gijón also explained that with the advance planning and later with the advancement of the PRI, "the philosophy of the Consortium is to facilitate the 3-star hotels may happen to become 4-star hotels, 4 plus or 5 stars. " The Councillor for Tourism said that "currently there is no 5-star hotel in Playa de Palma and the idea is that in the future there may be at least a hotel of this category and it will always bearing facilities ever consider that will increase the current number of existing places in Playa de Palma.The idea is to get disappearing from the 1 and 2 star hotels, making room for 3, 4 and 5 stars. "

The manager of the Consortium has placed particular emphasis on the recovery of the axis perpendicular to the beach as scenic areas. In this sense, Álvaro Gijón said that "to carry out this purpose we will not make any expropriation but they do using other methods such as removing parking spaces, increasing the sidewalks, improving lighting and increasing green areas or trees. In this sense, Álvaro Gijón said that "to carry out this purpose we will not make any expropriation but they do using other methods such as removing parking spaces, increasing the sidewalks, improving lighting and increasing green areas or trees. The parking spaces eliminated in the first line, the second can be built and can be built as a new car height. "  

Finally, the paper provides strong controls regarding sustainability of Beach Palma and CO2 emissions rule for now, the construction of the tram.

Álvaro Gijón explained the advance planning of the first representatives of the opposition in the municipal councils of Palma and Llucmajor and later representatives of the Association of Shops, businesses and shops of Playa de Palma (ALONECO) Merchants Association Business and Tourism Services Mallorca (ACOTUR), representatives of the Hotel Association of Palm Beach and Platform Residents of Beach  Palma.

Download the document the Advancement of Comprehensive Restructuring Plan "PRI" in the following  Link.

If they wish, they can send suggestions to advance the "PRI" on the following email address:

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